Facebook Fan Page Redesign.

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Well, it’s here – Facebook Pages will be redesigned starting on March 30, 2012 (but you can upgrade to the new pages today if you’d like). From what we can see, Facebook will be doing away with the list of pictures along the top and making Pages seem more like Profiles by including the cover photo along with the profile picture. Check our Page out here to see how we played with the Cover Photo.

Cover Photo

“Your cover photo is the first thing people will see when they visit your Page.Choose a unique photo and change it as often as you like. Or, learn more about picking a great cover photo.” With a little attempt, this could actually be a really cool feature of companies and website to take advantage of. Post a picture of your best home remodel project or a photoshopped photo of your services, website address, and more!

Smaller Profile Pictures

Out with the old profile picture size and in the the new “square” design. Facebook will be redoing it’s rectangular profile picture design and implementing its 180 pixel width design. This will probably render your current profile picture too big or too small, so you’ll probably need to recreate that. “Your profile picture represents your Page on other parts of Facebook, like in news feed. Use your logo or another image that represents your Page. Choose an image that’s square and at least 180 pixels wide.”


Facebook pages will now allow you to highlight what is important to you to portray to your fans. “Photos, likes and apps are now at the top of your Page. Photos show in the first spot, but you can change the order of everything else so people see what matters most. You can show a maximum number of 12 apps, so make sure to put your most important ones first.” This will replace the horizontal list of 5 photos most recently posted on your page’s wall.

Review Your Timeline

Just like the Facebook Profile redesign, the new page redesign will allow you to feature posts (expand them over the entire timeline vs. the one side of the timeline) and also allow posts to become sticky. This is great if you’re featuring anything important that has a shelf life of longer than a few hours. “Hover over a story and click on the star ( star icon ) to make it wider, or on the pencil ( pencil icon ) to pin it to the top of your Page, hide or delete it entirely.”


According to Facebook, insight will be more readily available as well. This new admin panel is AMAZING compared to their last page redesign. An entire tab contains all the information about you page in once quick glance rather than having to check various tabs to find out the information you were looking for. “Keep track of your activity on your Page from the admin panel. Respond when people write on your Page timeline, and view your latest insights.Visit your activity log to review all your posts and activity.”



Finally…. FINALLY Facebook is allowing fans to send you messages straight from your page adding an entirely new way to connect. From receiving requests for quotes to more info, we can’t believe they’ve finally joined the 21st century by allowing this. “Now people can contact you privately using messages. Notifications about new messages will appear right in your admin panel.”

Download a Cover Photo Template

Want to try your graphic design skills at some cover photo design? Here are some really cool ideas people used for their personal pages. Check ’em out! Download a Photoshop template here. You’ll need Photoshop to be able to work on it. If you don’t have photoshop, try these other sites that let you customize your cover photo. Check them out here.

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