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How We Work.

Using Search Engine Optimization and Ad Words, DC Metro Media brings your remodeling company the most results for the least cost.

We use online tactics, design elements, and search engine optimization, which makes us able to put your company in front of the competition. One of Northern Virginia’s best marketing companies, we are here to make you number one – in design, search, and online social media. Go ahead, make the call – it will change your company forever. To contact us, click the “contact” button in the right corner of this page. Talk to you soon.

TextingDid you know Google ranks pages based on a certain set of algorithms? And did you know that Google changes this algorithms 500 – 600 times each year? Construction Marketing isn’t a “set it and forget it” deal, it’s a constant battle to stay number one in front of your clients and especially in front of your competition. The #1 spot on Google is a coveted position and with some simple marketing slide-of-hand, DC Metro Media can help your company climb the Google ladder.

Want to see how you rank in search engine terms? Go to Google… right now. Type in a search term and geographical area about your business. For instance, type “kitchen remodelers Woodbridge” and hit search. Did your website come up in the first page? Did it show up in the second page? 86% of Google searches never make it to the second page of Google. If you’re not number one, it’s as if you don’t exist. That is why a search engine friendly website is so important in driving valuable leads to your business.

To get started, simple shoot us an email via the contact page. We look forward to working with you.



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